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Extras Bundle

Extras Bundle

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Your Tidy Tent Kit: Hammer Dustpan Brush

COMES WITH:  Beach Sand Pegs

Beach Sand Pegs

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Hammer Dustpan and Brush Kit

Hammer with Integrated Puller: Sturdy hammer head for driving tent pegs into the ground and pulling them out.

Dustpan and Brush: Effective for cleaning-up dirt and debris inside your tent and around your campsite.

Peg Puller, Dustpan, and Brush Kit

Peg Puller: Comfortable grip for easy and efficient peg removal. Designed to handle various types of tent pegs without bending or breaking.

Dustpan and Brush: Effective in sweeping away dirt, sand, and other debris from tents and campsite areas.

Beach Sand Pegs

Superior Hold in Soft Sand

Your Swished tent includes a set of 10 pegs and 3 sandbags, suitable for most beach adventures. Beach sand pegs are an additional option for those seeking extra security and adaptability.