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Swished Tent + Free Tidy Tent Kit Deal

Swished Tent + Free Tidy Tent Kit Deal

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Tent Color: Tangy
Choose Your FREE Tidy Tent: Hammer Dustpan Brush

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  • Easy To Use

    Swished Tents advances the standard of quick and easy setup and pack-ups, whilst offering premium camping features to a recreational beach tent

  • Certified UV50+ Protection

    Swished fabrics are annually tested by the government body Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA).

  • Roll-up Blinds

    Raise all the blinds for unobstructed 360-degree views. Adjust them to fully or partially block the sun as it moves across the sky.

  • Sandbags

    For those breezy beach days, make use of the tent's three attached sandbags for stability. When not in use, tuck the sandbags under the base for neatness.

  • Removable Door

    With its own blind, the door is both fully zippered and completely removable. This design ensures versatility and easy access.

  • Inside Pocket

    Never misplace your phone or keys - our tents come with a handy inside pocket.

  • Meshed Windows

    Safeguard yourself and your food, ensuring protection against pesky flies and insects.

  • Pegs

    Each tent comes with 10 tent pegs
    18 cm pegs (x 8) secure each of the 8 legs.
    14.5 cm pegs (x 2) - these are optional to use. They lower the doorway entry so it is level with the ground if required.

  • Carry Bag

    The tent carry bag includes a padded shoulder strap and two handy side pockets.

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Get The Breeze & Sunshine, Not The Burn.

Take a look at how our tent's innovative sun-blocking blinds that to shield you from harsh UV rays throughout the day

Hammer Dustpan and Brush Kit

Hammer with Integrated Puller: Sturdy hammer head for driving tent pegs into the ground and pulling them out.

Dustpan and Brush: Effective for cleaning-up dirt and debris inside your tent and around your campsite.

Peg Puller Dustpan and Brush Kit

Peg Puller: Comfortable grip for easy and efficient peg removal. Designed to handle various types of tent pegs without bending or breaking.

Dustpan and Brush: Effective in sweeping away dirt, sand, and other debris from tents and campsite areas.